New City

We create large and centrally located projects, with proven consumer advantage. The company has recently focused on Tel Aviv and is currently constructing 600 apartments with further projects planned.

Amongst the company's clients are many members of Israel's business elite, including prominent lawyers, members of the judiciary, senior finance and banking executives, ministers, senior officers and high-tech entrepreneurs.

The group's purchasing power and quality allow the selection of unique compounds, the lowering of costs and the enhancement of the assets' value which enables buyers to enjoy a high investment yield. In all of our projects thus far demand has overtaken the amounts of houses or apartments supplied by hundreds of percentages. Many former buyers are repurchasing assets in our new projects.

The company's owner is Dror Halevi, who, amongst other achievements, founded the town of Oranim, the Tel Aviv High-Tech Towers, the Asota Towers and many other projects numbering hundreds of units each.